17th February 2012 – Putting the World to rights!

It’s not often that the Bridgwater Industrialists don’t have a guest speaker at their meetings but when there is an opportunity to chat together the group benefits from the gathered, wide ranging experience in the room.

To tap into this knowledge source an open debate was held at our February, meeting where in true consultant’s style the members were asked to name the subjects they wanted to cover, on ‘post it’ notes and hand to the President who ‘skillfully’ managed proceedings.

With great enthusiasm each and every member present wrote two or three questions on the pads, they were arranged in some sort of order and the group discussed solutions to world peace and hunger.

Well not quite but almost – subjects covered ranged from feedback to the college. Should Greece leave the Euro? The plan for a Tesco store. Unemployment and skills training. An even the sending of late night e-mails from our secretary!