51st Presidents Dinner

Members of the Bridgwater Industrialists gathered for the 51st President’s Dinner, at Blackmore Farm, Cannington, on the 22nd November 2008.

The evening was well attended with business leaders from many of┬áBridgwater’s top Industrial Employers.


The guest speaker was Mr Ian Liddell-Grainger MP for Bridgwater, who delivered an encouraging speach about how well placed Bridgwater is to weather to current economic slowdown. He suggested that Bridgwater is the “Powerhouse of the South West” and a key manufacturing centre in the region.

The Bridgwater Industrialist’s President, Mr Graham Bentley: said that by being part of the Bridgwater Industrialists, members are able to offer advise, support and friendship to each other to each other during difficult times, which is essential in today’s business climate.