About Us

 The Benefit to Our Members

The Association’s benefits are incredibly important in today’s modern business climate, where time is precious and Senior Business Leaders often neglect a small amount of “time out”.  Meetings are an opportunity for these individuals to review their own business position, local economy and politics.

These get-togethers provide a rare chance to re-charge the batteries whilst discussing new business opportunities and the world at large with friends.  The Association, as a collective voice, also provides valuable, constructive feedback to local government and politicians on issues that affect business.  With the support and commitment of its current, new and honorary members, we look forward to the next decade with all the business friendship opportunities this will bring.


We are confident that the founders would be proud that the association is still a successful forum for business leaders, whilst retaining any of the original customs.  For example, today’s members still respect the tradition of toasting “The Queen” at the opening of each meeting, and using the silver goblets that were presented to the members to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the club in 1982.  The Bridgwater Industrialists have, in their 50 year history, made a positive and invaluable contribution to the area and to each other; lobbying government Ministers and our MP on local issues, offering constructive advice, in confidence, on employment problems and numerous consultations on local planning issues.  The Association has also been able to provide financial support for local projects including the Town Centre Partnership.

The Association was founded by Mr Bill Coate of Coates Fencing in 1957; His idea was to provide a social forum for like-minded Industrial and Commercial business leaders to exchange views on commercial and related topics.

The Association, historically known as “The 20 Club” has several key Honorary Members who have voluntarily kept the club going for many years. Notably Mr Norman Hucker, Honorary Treasurer, Mr Peter Fletcher, Honorary member; Mr Terry Green, Honorary member and more recently, Mrs Wendy White, Honorary Member and Mrs Deborah Robson, Honorary Secretary.

Moving forward into the next decade our plan is to continue to expand the club with new members and to arrange more special events/speakers that are of interest to our members as well as forging further links with other like minded groups to promote Bridgwater Businesses.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Association of Bridgwater Industrialists; is specifically to help Member Industrial and Commercial companies in the Bridgwater area. We aim to bring together members from the Industrial sector and Local Government to provide an environment that actively encourages; Manufacturing, Engineering and Commercial activity in the Bridgwater area.


  • Provide a forum for Members to network with other local industrial business leaders.
  • Encourage business to business trade within the Bridgwater area
  • Identify business issues and work towards resolving them
  • Provide a directory of Industrial businesses
  • Provide marketing opportunities for members by raising their profile locally
  • Raise funds for charitable organisations