AGM – 16th May 2014

Annual General Meeting – 16th May 2014


Venue – Tudor Hotel and Restaurant

In Attendance – Roger Smith, Adrian Robson, Norman Hucker, Matthew Redman, Deborah Robson, Graham Bentley, David Satchell, Chris Spencer, Richard Winter, Darrell Hill, Andrew Teal, Ian Dyer, Mike Williams, Helen Lacey and Doug Bamsey

Apologies received from absent members.

Roger Smith opened the meeting by thanking everyone for attending and gave a brief summary of his year as President.  He also informed members that he was handing the Presidency to Adrian Robson and wished him every success for the coming year.  Roger congratulated the Secretary and the Treasurer of their hard work over the last year.

Norman Hucker (Hon. Treasurer) – Norman provided a summary of the financial position.  The subscriptions remain the same.

Adrian thanked Roger for all his hard work and the successful year of his presidency.  He then talked briefly about how he intended to continue the hard work of the previous President’s in making the association grow by encouraging new members and stated that is looking forward to the coming year.  Adrian then introduced Matthew Redman as the new Vice President.