AGM Meeting 20th April 2012

AGM – Friday 20th April 2012

Venue – Tudor Hotel and Restaurant

In Attendance, Wes Harford, Roger Smith, Alan Manchip, Matthew Redman, Ian Dyer, Steve Travis, Len Eden, Graham Bentley, Gary Thomas, Phillip Adams, Richard Winter, Gary Mansfield, Terry Green, Mervyn Parish.

Wendy White, John Vieth, Norman Hucker, Chris Spencer and Jacqui Redman

Apologies received from absent members.

John Vieth opened the meeting by thanking everyone for attending and informed them that he is stepping down as President and handing over to Chris Spencer.  He reflected on the last years as President and provided a summary of his most memorable outings & meeting speakers.  His experience at the stakeholder groups.  John also thanked eveiethryone for their support during his time in post.  A position he had really enjoyed, and he wished Chris every success in the coming year.

Norman Hucker (Hon. Treasurer) – Norman provided a summary of the financial position, and members were very pleased that he was happy to stay in post for at least, another year.

Wendy White (Hon. Secretary) –  John Vieth announced that Wendy was stepping down after five years, and introduced Jacqui Redman who would be taking up the reins.    Wendy was presented with a gift of life membership/Flowers and thanked for her valuable contribution to the association.  Wendy was, for once, lost for words and thanked everyone for their generosity and kind messages.  It had been a pleasure and she hoped that Jacqui would enjoy it as much as she had.

John Vieth offically handed over to Chris Spencer as New President…..

Chris thanked John and in his opening  speech, he praised the diversity of the companies in the town.  He is looking forward to further developing  what the association can do, in particular relationships with the eduction sector.  One of his goals is to set up closer links between eduction and business to inspire young people, and educate the teachers, many of whom, do not have the opportunity to engage locally outside the classroom environment.  Chris would continue to represent the association at the various stakeholder groups in the town.  He congratulated the officers (Secretary & Treasuer) on their work and what they have achieved in recent years which has helped grow the membership and expand the activities of the association.  Chris wishes to continue this work and encourage more companies to join, and expand the committee to share the workload.  He summarised by saying he is very passionate about Bridgwater and wants to see it grow.  Roger Smith was introduced as Vice President.

Meeting notes/actions –

  •          List of next meetings will be circulated with next months invitation.  Also, available on the website.
  •          Trellborg Site Visit.  Limited number of places available.                                        

Visit will start at 11am with a  company presentation, followed by a tour and a buffet lunch on site.

  •          John Welcomed a guest, and new member, Mervyn Parish from the Old Vicarage to the meeting.
  •          Graham Bentley is running in the London Marathon and circulated his sponsorship form to members.
  •          Gary Thomas issued an invitation to his church blessing of his marriage to lovely American, LuAnn.
  •          Treasurers Report to follow when all subscriptions received. Subscriptions remain the same as last year.