Bridgwater Challenge Summary – 19th February 2010

Doug Bamsey, Corporate Director Regeneration Sedgemoor District Council, gave an interesting and informative update on the topic of the “Bridgwater Challenge”.

The vision for Bridgwater is that in 2060 the town will be energy conscious, known for its ambitious approach to sustainability and low carbon living.

Bridgwater will be seen as a place that has been re-energised into a confident town through its strong, innovative architecture, its vibrant town centre and its revitalised neighbourhoods – encouraging a greater sense of local community, well being and civic pride.

The vision includes a range of regeneration projects designed to revitalise place and inspire investment and growth.   For example, making the most of the River at the heart of the town, exemplary schools, connected transport, improving housing, delivering its flooding solution, the Parrett Barrier, and providing outstanding health and recreation facilities. Bridgwater will continue to attract new investment, maintaining its new position, as a regional centre of enterprise excellence.

Doug Bamsey represents Sedgemoor District Council as a member of the Bridgwater Industrialists and is town planner by profession, having graduated with a Geography Masters from the University of Toronto.   He has over 25 years experience in local government across a diverse range of local authorities in the south east and south west of England.   He has been a Corporate Director at Sedgemoor for over 10 years. He has lead responsibility for the Council’s economic development, planning policy, development management and housing enabling activities.  Doug has taken the leadership role and responsibility for a wide range of development and regeneration projects.  This has required effective partnership working with national, regional and local organisations and the community.  These projects have resulted in substantial community benefits. For the last 2 years he has led the Council’s response to the Government’s and the nuclear industry’s emerging proposals for a new nuclear power station at Hinkley point. More recently, he has also taken the lead in responding to National Grid’s associated proposals for transmission line upgrades.

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