Mr Norman Hucker / Mr Matthew Redman / Mr Harley Brown


Mr Matthew Redman of Auditel has been elected President of The Association of Bridgwater Industrialists; he replaces Mr Adrian Robson, Proprietor of Robson Electrics and Mr Harley Brown of PC Comms has been elected as Vice President of the group

Doing business in the UK is expensive. Making sure you don’t waste money by paying more than you need to for your essential business overheads is the quickest and most direct way to mitigate this and put profit back onto your bottom line.

Auditel help organisations across the UK make fully informed decisions relating to their essential business overheads. 

Many organisations still take the traditional approach of dealing ‘in-house’ with services and supplies that are both time consuming and complex. This can lead to being vulnerable to either ignoring certain cost areas or using services that look competitive on the surface but in reality do not suit their needs. 

Prior to joining Auditel I have held several general management and sales management roles within the construction and specialist wire rope industries. This experience has given me a good understanding of the cost related challenges in today’s business environment.  

This has developed into the passion I now have for supporting clients to manage and reduce their cost overheads – enabling them to focus their valuable time and resources on driving forward the successful future of their organisations. 

I have found investing the time to truly understand the client’s needs, prior to applying the appropriate solution has proved to be a winning combination; resulting in clients receiving high levels of service at a competitive price.

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