Members Have a History Lesson on Carnival

BGFCCOur June meeting provided our members with an insight into our Town’s most famous event, The Bridgwater Carnival..!

Guest speakers Rita Jones, Bridgwater Carnivals newest and first ever Lady President and Dave Stokes, Carnival Publicity Officer gave all an informative history lesson which all members found very interesting.

Both Rita and Dave managed to inform us of our Carnival origins dating back from the Gun Powder Plot of 1605, where Guy Fawkes failed in his attemp to ‘blow up’ the houses of parliament, to more recent years and how our Carnival has become the spectacular parade we have all come to know and appreciate today.  400 years of Carnival history was expertly presented to the members by Rita and Dave and all within an hour.

From tales of violence and riots in the 1880’s where Carnival revellers took celebrations too far, which eventually resulted in the formation of the Carnivals first committee to ‘home made’ giant fireworks or ‘Squibbs’ being produced in homes throughout the town with secret formulas and stories of explosive gunpowder being dried in front of open fireplaces…..A Health and Safety Nightmare!

The presentation completed with a question and answer session, where members were keen to ask Rita and Dave many questions and discuss the many different topics about the Carnival.

Many thanks to Rita and Dave for such an interesting presentation…..