Bridgwater Industrialists tour of Hinkley Point A Site

Members of the Association of Bridgwater Industrialists (20 Club) visited Hinkley Point A Site to see at first hand the progress of decommissioning being made on the Site, which ceased generation in May 2000.

The Membership of the Industrialists is drawn from Directors of Industrial and Commercial firms in Bridgwater and the surrounding area. Sedgemoor District Council and Bridgwater College are also represented. The group meet to keep abreast of current day concerns of employment and the successes of the area and Mark Lesinski, Site Director of Hinkley Point A Site was delighted to welcome them.

This year marks the association’s 50th anniversary and John Vieth, Commercial Manager at Hinkley Point A and member of the Industrialists Association, organised the visit to highlight their activities and the positive forum they offer in the town.

Tim Watkins, Lead Team member at Hinkley Point A , gave a complete review of the history of the station and explained the recent changes and challenges associated with decommissioning before an extensive site tour. For some there was a distinct sense of nostalgia on arriving at the turbine hall to find it completely bare of machinery.

A vote of thanks for the hospitality and thoroughness of the tour was given by the Association of Bridgwater Industrialists president, Mr. J. K. Dewar O.B.E. who later commented “knowledge of how Power Stations work, their safety and security measures and world wide knowledge base makes me much more comfortable about living close to Hinkley Point. We need reliable power generation now and in the future. Every option available has its price to the community, employment and the environment. There will always be arguments for and against. Hinkley Point can demonstrate a professional well managed operation that is open with the community and business partners. It also has an impressive safety record”

Group at Hinkley Point A

Picture shows group at Hinkley Point A.

Back row Left John Vieth (British Nuclear Group), Kennedy Dewar O.B.E (President Bridgwater Industrialists), Tim Watkins (Hinkley Point), Geoff Day (A.C.C Ltd), Doug Bamsey (Sedgemoor District Council), Chris Fairbrass (Fairway Office Supplies),

Front Row: Graham Bently (Jason Filtration PLC), Wendy White (Hon.Secretary), Peter Fletcher (Bridgwater Industrialists), Wes Harford (Am Sensors Ltd), Len Eden (Hydrax Ltd), Terry Green (Bridgwater Industrialists)