Chief Executive Officer of Amber Chemical Group – Speaker – 21st January 2011


                                                             Joachim Roeser Chief Executive Officer – Amber Chemical Group.

Members received an excellent presentation about the Amber Chemical Group from Bridgwater Industrialist Association members, Joachim and Keith Jones (Finance Director).  They are a specialist group, with ACC Silicones Ltd manufacturing in Bridgwater; Silicone RTV Adhesive Sealants, Moulding Rubbers, Gels, Greases and potting compounds.  We learnt about the worldwide operation of the company, its partnerships and had the opportunity to see and feel some of the products.  All were amazed at the range of products that were made with Silicone and some of the research and inventions on the way, like Shampoo that does not require water!  The challenges of expansion to China, the global markets and workforce motivation. 

Biography – Since 1st November 2006, Joachim has been Chief Executive Office of the Amber Chemical Group, a global speciality silicone producer owned by Caledonia Investment Trust.  He is a German national and has lived and worked in Belgium, France and Germany as well as in the United Kingdom.  Previously, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of Luzenac, a Tio Tinto subsidiary and the world’s leading talc mining producer, for five years.  Prior to that, Joachim was European President of Ferro Corporation.  He started his career thirty years ago in the emulsifier and starch industry before joining Arco Chemical in 1983, where he held a number of senior management positions, and ultimately served as Global Business Director.  He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wuppertal.

In addition, he is Non-Executive Chairman of Fluidata Ltd, a business internet service provider and a Non-Executive Director of Innospec Inc, a global fuel speciality company listed in New York where he serves as Chairman of the Compensation Committee.