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Amber Chemical Company

Amber is a speciality silicones Chemical Group, developing diverse products for niche markets.  With its global reach, it provides flexible and adaptable manufacturing capabilitiesand in-depth technical expertise to satisfy local needs.  The Group is currently focused on the
Electronics, Photovoltaic, Solar, Automotive, Moulding, Personal Care and Chemical processing industries.

Our companies benefit from being part of an international Group,
whilst retaining their own identity, focus and flexibility.


The Amber Chemical Company Ltd was incorporated on 28th November 1906 in England and has therefore 100 years of experience in the chemical industry.  It became part of the Caledonia Group in 1964
and the first major expansion followed shortly afterwards with the formation of Ambratec in Germany.  The 1990’s saw
further enlargement by acquisition into the Automotive and Silicone areas in the UK, Italy and the US.

Following a detailed strategic business and market review, Amber made the decision to further develop its silicone expertise and
concentrate future investments in support of its existing silicone business and look for new acquisitions.  In line with this strategy, Amber divested its interest in Ambratec – Matecra and Automotive Cleaning Chemicals, ensuring that these businesses continued to have a secure

Early in 2011, Amber set up Amber Silicones  Tianjin Ltd situated South East of Beijing, China.  This manufacturing and distribution centre will supply silicones and service its growing international customer base.


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