Health & Safety Update

Caroline Coleman, HM Inspector of Health & Safety was a guest speaker at our June meeting. She addressed to the association regarding the role of the H&S Executive.
The main purpose of the HS Executive is to:-

  • Review protection & to reduce risk of accidents in the workplace.
  • Develop laws and set standards
  • Measure trends
  • Provide information (via website/visits etc)

How this is done:-

  • Inspect premises (can do free consultations) Inspections should be every 3 years, but staff shortages and funding may extend this period.  They have a database of businesses and will often select a visit via postcode.  Or if an incident has been reported.
  • Investigate Accidents
  • Monitor ill health e.g Asbestos


  • Provide advice & guidance
  • Power to serve notices
  • Issue of prohibition notice (stop work)
  • Prosecute and fine


People are often afraid of doing these, but we all  make risk assessments every day.  If you cross the road you ensure there is nothing coming before you step out. There are many companies out there who “specialise” in particular areas but common sense can be applied in your workplace.

  • Look at risk
  • Who could be harmed
  • How
  • How can you reduce risk.

It is very important to document risks and review on a regular basis – if anything changes.

HSE work with local authority – Local authority partnership projects.