Jim Bloodworth/Jon Lawson – NEST & group pensions – 20th May 2011

NEST & Group Pensions

John Vieth and Norman Hucker welcomed our guest speakers from Churchill Investments PLC, who gave members an informative talk about NEST and group pensions.

“Workplace pensions law is changing and EVERY employer will have to act.

The new law requires all employers with at least one employee to automatically enroll members of their workforce into a suitable pension scheme and make contributions into that scheme.

The law comes into force for employers between 2012 and 2016,but it is important to plan for it and be prepared for the changes.

At Churchill Investments we are helping employers prepare for these changes and as part of that process we have been presenting to employer groups such as yourselves.

The question and answer session was interesting and lively as the changes in pensions were debated!

If you would like a more in depth look at your existing pension arrangements and how this change in the law will impact your business then please call in the first instance;

Jon Lawson Dip PFS at Churchill Investments PLC on 01934 844444 or email at jon@churchillinvestments.co.uk

A hardcopy of the presentation is available on request, please email Wendy directly to arrange this.