Muller Wiseman Diaries Visit – 20th March 2015

Muller Wiseman

Our members were treated to a tour at Muller Wiseman Diaries based at Junction 24,  North Petherton, our thanks to Rebecca Holloway and the Management Team.

Müller Wiseman Dairies was established in 1947. It’s come a long way and the small milk run from the family farm in East Kilbride is now part of the Müller UK & Ireland Group and providing 30% of the fresh milk consumed in Britain every day.

At Müller Wiseman they believe in operating efficiently to minimise the amount of resource that require to collect, process and distribute their product.

They also believe there is a powerful link between better environmental performance and higher levels of environmental sustainability.

They have set themselves stretching targets which underpin the company’s drive for higher levels of efficiency. At the heart of the plan they have placed major reductions in the use of electricity, gas, fuel, water and waste to landfill.

Their Sustainability Strategy uses 2009/10 figures as a benchmark and sets out where they want to be in five years time, with details of how they measure improvements, and how they will achieve this.

In order to meet their objectives and achieve Industry leading environmental performance they will focus on three key areas:

  • Reducing Greenhouse Gases
  • Reducing waste
  • Minimising our use of natural resources