Murder Mystery Dunster – June 24th 2011

Murder Mystery – Yarn Market Hotel – Dunster

Members arrived to ‘Meet The Players’ at 7.15pm – and were introduced to all the characters and the scene was set!

Everyone took their seats and the first ‘scene’ was enacted.  The actors walked around the restaurant acting out their parts in between the courses – will all listened to everything that was going on because basically every character seemed to have a ‘motive’.

An excellent dinner was served, and during the courses the actors sat with us to eat and moved to different tables for each course, so we all had a chance to talk to all of them and ask them some questions.

We then had the challenge of guessing the murderer by observing the final clues at the murder scene.

The winner was Ann Dyer from Blackmore Farm, who correctly guest the murderer and motives.