Theresa Strange – South West Apprenticeship Company – 15th April 2011

Our president welcomed Theresa Strange to the April meeting.  After an excellent dinner, Theresa provided a valuable insight into how the South West Apprenticeship company (SWAC) operates, and the potential benefits to business.

Apprenticeships bring in the skills and talent your business needs to flourish. Regardless of the size or nature of your enterprise, Apprenticeships will contribute to your company’s success. They are precisely tailored to meet your requirements and will develop capable and committed employees.

Perform and Compete

Apprenticeships ensure that your workforce has the skills and qualifications it needs both now and in the future. Apprenticeships are the ideal way to attract talented and enthusiastic people into your business. They reduce staff turnover and increase employee motivation and performance. Apprentices tend to be flexible, loyal employees who make companies more effective, productive and competitive.

South West Apprenticeship Company (SWAC) brings a fresh approach to Apprenticeships.

SWAC removes the risk by employing the apprentice ourselves. Apprentices are then placed with ‘Host Organisations’ for the duration of their Apprenticeship. We identify employers who want apprentices, match them with suitable candidates and organise the delivery of training with colleges or private training providers. We plan, manage and administer the programme, and provide continual support and progress monitoring of your SWAC apprentice. We ensure things run smoothly and resolve any problems to make placements successful for both the apprentice and Host Organisation.

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