What’s in a name? – 15th October 2010

When President of the Bridgwater Industrialists, John Vieth, Googled his name he wasn’t expecting to meet with his namesake 12 years later. John and John have been internet pen friends ever since that first contact.

John only has a small family in the UK since his great grandfather came to England from Germany before the first war. Now he has a new ‘cousin’ in Wisconsin whose family also originates from the same region in central Germany.

John said “it was really weird meeting someone with the same unusual name, particularly as I’ve never come across another Vieth other than immediate family. The newfound American branch are such lovely people and I felt we had known each other forever”.

John from America is hoping to make the return trip to experience Stonehenge at daybreak on midsummer’s day.

"John Vieth Squared" ours is on the right!

 John Vieth Squared – Ours is on the right!